New Manufacturing Apprenticeship Alliance looks to create Custom Industrial Maintenance Program

In response to industry demand, Trident Technical College is exploring the development of a new Manufacturing Apprenticeship Alliance for industry sector partnerships to create in-demand, adult manufacturing apprenticeships. These unique programs will be employer-led and designed for industry needs based on feedback from members of the alliance.
The first alliance apprenticeship in consideration is Industrial Maintenance Mechanic. If your company would benefit from an Industrial Maintenance Mechanic apprenticeship program, we encourage you to join the conversation now. 

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, October 31st at 2:30 pm, at the College Center (Building 920, Room 101) at Trident Tech Thornley Campus.

WHAT’S HAPPENED SO FAR:  Trident Tech is using the Industrial Mechanic Certificate as a base for the program. From the 2 meetings conducted thus far, 7 companies have already committed to support 9 apprentices.

ADDING ELECTRICAL: The Industrial Mechanic Certificate apprenticeship is designed as a 3 year program attending class just one day a week. However some of the companies in attendance at previous meetings expressed an interest in adding some electrical courses, specifically AC/DC circuits and PLC’s to the class schedule. This will add a year to the program and make it 4 years long instead of 3. These classes will be added it to the end of the program so if you don’t want PLC’s and AC/DC, you can just opt out of them and be done earlier. 

TWO PROGRAM DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM: Welding was also discussed so TTC decided to create two different schedule options which are attached. One that has No Welding and one With Welding. 

MOVING FORWARD: To move forward with the alliance and begin classes in January, TTC needs 16 apprentices committed by October 31st.

For more information, contact:

Mitchell R. Harp, MA, MT(ASCP) Dean of Apprenticeships Division of Apprenticeship Programs 1-843-574-6979 ude.hcettnedirtobfsctd@prah.llehctiM  To learn more and apply for the Charleston Regional Apprenticeship Programs go to

* Employer designed
* Class meets only once a week, instead of 2-3 nights a week making it easier for you and your employee.
* Employer will get regular communications from TTC on the progress of their apprentice.
* Employer will receive regular summaries of class topics so mentor can cover those same topics during the On-The-Job training sessions.
* Apprentice will only be short 5 core classes from receiving their Associates Degree so there is incentive to continue their education.
* Apprentice is automatically enrolled in all classes so they don’t have to worry about missing registration dates.
* Employer can fill the apprenticeship internally with a current or new employee or TTC can help advertise and recruit for the apprenticeship on the employers behalf.
* Employer is eligible for $1,000 tax credit for every apprentice, every year, up to 4 years.
The estimated cost of this program is around $4,000 so your tax credit almost covers all the cost of tuition!