Tri-County STEMersion 2021

Tri-County STEMersion 2021 is happening June 21- 30. This two-week, professional development event is a hands-on institute for middle and high school instructors and school counselors in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties. The institute reinforces the importance of math, science and soft skills for the region’s workforce and economic growth. Educators visit local companies as “Edgineers” where they “study” work processes, participate in hands-on workplace activities and lesson writing forums to create new industry-inspired lessons for use in South Carolina’s K12 system to propel all students to become global learners and thinkers.

The institute also facilitates the development of a pipeline of future qualified employees. Through the provocative and intriguing leadership experience, educators, the main catalysts of student achievement, return to their classrooms to stir the career interests of local students while compelling the students to use creativity, teamwork, persistence, initiative and problem-solving skills to innovate our next world. Finally, the institute creates a path for a regional grassroots career awareness campaign in which local industries are introduced to additional educators, parents, and students after Tri-County STEMersion concludes.

Tri-County STEMersion goals:

  • Building awareness of in-demand careers, cultures, skill needs and competency requirements of STEM companies
  • Visiting and exploring companies with the use of the Tri-County STEMersion industry guide
  • Fostering the creation of industry-inspired lessons using the Tri-County STEMersion template and rubric
  • Inspiring the creation of problem-solving projects that permit students to “touch” the workplace by engaging students in the execution of competencies and skills required by local industries
  • Providing a virtual platform to upload lessons for use in the South Carolina K12 system
  • Facilitating the creation of artifacts that describe Tri-County STEMersion to stakeholders

The participating Berkeley County industry partners are Santee Cooper, NIWC, Thorne, Google, and Berkeley County School District.

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